AC Power Recovery BIOS setting

AC Power Recovery BIOS setting


You want your Advantech UNO-2484G brick computers to power on when AC power is detected, but cannot find the setting in the system's BIOS.


Primary Product Module: Advantech

Primary Product Version: UNO-2484G


The AC power recovery option was a digital ON/OFF setting in the BIOS of the UNO-2483G. However, in the newer 2484G model, this setting is no longer located in the BIOS and is now a physical hardware configuration on the motherboard.


There is a small switch located on the motherboard called SW6. This switch is responsible for controlling ATX/AT mode, which controls how the system interacts with AC power.

To have the system power on when AC power is detected, you want to have the switch in the OFF position (AT mode).

Open up the system so that you are looking at the motherboard. Use the below drawing to located the SW6 switch and set it to OFF (highlighted in yellow):

SW6 AT/ATX mode switch. ON ->ATX mode, OFF -> AT mode

Once the switch is in the position of the desired setting, reassemble the brick and plug in AC power. If set to AT mode, the system should power up automatically.

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