How to add a file to the startup folder in Windows 10

How to add a file to the startup folder in Windows 10

  1. Open file explorer
  2. Go to the C:\ folder as shown below                  
  3. In the drop down, type C:\PROGRAMDATA and hit enter. You are now in the ProgramData folder as shown below.                                        
  4. Double click on Microsoft folder and you will be in the Microsoft folder as shown below.                          
  5. Double click on Windows folder and you will be in the Windows folder as shown below.                               
  6. Double click on Start Menu folder and you will be in the Start Menu folder as shown below.                           
  7. Double click on Programs folder and you will be in the Programs folder as shown below.           
  8. Double click on Startup folder.  Here, in the Startup folder, you can put any file that you want to run when the computer/server is started up, such as a file that will map drives for you, Bginfo that will display the computer name and IP address or any other file you wish to run at startup. 

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