iFix Terminal Server Add User with auto login

iFix Terminal Server Add User with auto login


We need to add a new RDP user to iFix for remote connection. This use needs a node name and the auto-login should log them into guest as a best practice. 


Primary Product Module : GE iFix
Primary Product Version : 5.8/5.9


1. Create a new user on your terminal server (or add these groups to an existing user)
      a. Launch "Computer Management" from Server Manager or the Start Menu
      b. Select Local Users and Groups (if creating a local user)
            1. Create new user, set password, select desired options (password never expire)
      c. Select Groups
      d. Select 'Remote Desktop Users' and add the user we just created or the domain user
      e. The user must be a member of the 'Remote Desktop User' group and the 'Users' group
            Note: Sometimes specific iFix versions  and configurations may require the user is an 'Administrator'

2. Add this Windows user to iFix Startup Profile Manager to create a node name
      a. From the start menu launch "Startup Profile Manager"
      b. Select Add
      c. Select the Domain name or local server name (if you created a local user) and select the user you create or type the username manually
      d. Enter the proper SCU (the default running one) and de-select the check boxes

3. Add this Windows user to iFix Security
      a. Launch the iFix SCU from the start menu
      b. With iFix running, select Configure -> Security
      c.  Edit -> User Accounts
      d. Add a username for the new user (Max 6 characters) 
      e. Select Workspace run time as the application feature, set the proper group membership and security for your iFix system

      f. After adding the user profile, set up the auto-login
            1. Edit -> Auto Login -> Add
            2. Insert the node name create in step 2
            3. Set Auto-login to guest for both option as best practice

4. If your iFix is not set to start automatically globally place the iFix startup icon in the startup directory here:
      a. C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup