Multi-Monitor Setup

Multi-Monitor Setup

Setting up a multi-monitor (3 screen) system using different types of monitors (e.g. Dell Monitors + iTech touchscreen, 3 iTech touchscreens, etc.)

Primary Product Module : Advantech UNO-2483G/2484G
Primary Product OS : Windows 10

What You'll Need:
  1. Advantech UNO-2484G
  2. Keyboard and mouse
  3. I-Tech Touchscreen LCD display and appropriate cables (VGA, power, serial)
  4. monitors and appropriate cables
  5. StarTech USB 3.0 to Dual HDMI Adapter
  6. x2 VICTSING VGA to HDMI Adapter or x2 HDMI cables
  7. Drivers - eGalaxTouch and StarTech ( (place these in a folder on a thumb drive for quick access)

Setup Process

Getting Started
  1. Plug in UNO and keyboard, mouse, and a monitor
  2. In Windows, install two drivers: one for the StarTech adapter and one for the touchscreens
  3. Make sure you have the drivers downloaded and copied into Windows
Installing the Drivers
Install LCD Touchscreen driver

o   Open File explorer

o   Navigate to ITech_to_UNO_drivers \ 917…….Touch Driver….. \ eGalaxTouch…..

o   Run setup.exe

o   Click Next, accept the EULA, next

o   Enable the “Install RS232 interface driver” option, click next

o   Select “None”, click next

o   IMPORTANT: Enable “Support Multi-Monitor System” , click next

o   Accept the default destination folder, click next, default program folder, next

o   Create shortcut is optional, click next

o   The installation will begin

o   Once finished, reboot if prompted

·         Install StarTech device driver

o   Navigate to ITech_to_UNO_drivers \ [Trigger MCT] USB Display Adapter

o   Extract the folder and run Setup.exe

o   Click next, accept EULA, click next

o   Installation will begin.

o   Once done click Finish and reboot if prompted

Connecting the Rest of the Displays
  1. Take primary display and connect power
  2. Connect a VGA cable from the display to the VGA port on the UNO and power on the display
  3. The signal will now display. This will be monitor #1
  4. Connect StarTech USB to Dual HDMI Adapter to one of the UNO's USB 3.0 ports
  5. Connect both of the VICTSING VGA to HDMI adapters (or regular HDMI cables) to the HDMI ports on the StarTech device
  6. Take displays #2 and #3 and connect their power to a source, make sure the displays are turned on
  7. Connect the display VGA's (or HDMI's) to the StarTech device HDMI ports (using adapters if necessary)
  8. A signal will now show up on monitors #2 and #3
  9. Right-click Desktop --> Screen Resolution to configure the arrangement of the displays
    1. tip: resolution of iTech touchscreen should be 1024x768
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