Virtualization: Iconics License Error (-2)

Virtualization: Iconics License Error (-2)

You've moved a SCADA system from physical to virtual and need to re-license Iconics.  However, when you open up the license Utility to retrieve a site key, you see an error that reads something like "Unable to initialize license: (Error:-2)".


1) This license that was previously being used will need to be reset by Iconics.
2) Once this license has been reset by contacting the Iconics Team, this error will need to be cleared to obtain a site key.
3) To clear this error code and retrieve a site key you must open task manager.
4) In Task Manager: Navigate to the "Details" Tab

5) Look for "CRP32002.ngn". If you have opened License Utility this will likely be running. If so, you should right click this service and select "End process tree" from the menu.

6) After this process tree is no longer running, you should find License Utility in the start menu. Select the option to run this program as administrator.
7) When License utility loads there will likely be a popup you can ignore, and the site key should no longer display the error message.
8) You can now proceed with licensing Iconics as normal - be sure to restart Iconics services after you have applied the license!