XLReporter Team Client Installation

XLReporter Team Client Installation

  1. Overview 

 This is a step-by-step walkthrough for installing XLReporter`s Team Client application onto a machine located on the XL Report Server network.

  1. Pre-Requisites 

  • XLReporter v 9.0 or newer must be installed on a Server located on the same network as the target machine.

  • Google chrome or other web browser application must be installed. 

  • Ensure proper IIS Services are installed on the XLReporter Server

  • Ensure security is enabled on XLReporter Server

  • a User Account has been created for the target machine

  • If using Google Chrome of Fire Fox web browser you must install the ClickOnce extension. 

  1. Installation of Team Client application

    1. On target machine open a web browser to the team client setup URL, http://[XLReporterSERVERNAME]/xlrweb/setup.htm . Once web page has loaded click INSTALL and download the file. Open the file once download is complete, then a pop-up window will open which you will need to enter username and password for the User Account on the XLReporter server. It will then contact the server and download the necessary project files. 

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